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:: Arredamenti Mazzanti has reached its 3rd generation (Valerio Mazzanti) who, strong in the family tradition and having the acquired experience, proposes today to intercept the needs of a clientele who can appreciate a crafted product of the finest quality.


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:: In a market which prefers low cost products and believes in the system of disposable products, AM prefers to put quality as its priority, basing its judgment on the ability to create products using traditional and modern techniques while at the same time employing highly specialized craftsmen such as joiners, seamstresses and upholsterers, all experts who work in this firm, and in some cases  have been with us for more than one generation.


:: AM Pursuing its objectives has embarked on a new and profitable collaboration with well known architects’ and designer studios which deal mainly in interior furnishings, creating the presupposition for a unique product, fruit of its professionalism, its organization and the quality projects of its collaborators.



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