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classic and modern furnishings

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:: Arredamenti Mazzanti has been working in the field of interior furnishings with professionalism and style for more than 65 years, producing exclusively hand crafted padding/wadding made by the expert hands of its specialized personnel.


 :: The firm in Rome designs and makes armchairs, divans and beds in the classic or modern design and has a laboratory capable of rendering your furniture as new, restoring the coverings and wadding and frames.


 :: AM also makes personalized curtains and upholstery.


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Divans in the classic or modern style are made to design for every requirement.

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Beds and Curtains


Beds and drapes are made to the classic or modern style.

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Experienced craftsmanship for armchairs of a superior quality.

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Laboratory for the production and restoration of

hand crafted padding.

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