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origins and growth of the firm

:: Mazzanti Furnishings began at the end of the 30ís when itís founder, Alberto Mazzanti, opened his first upholstery workshop in the Parioli area in Rome. In the beginning the firm catered to a private clientele, but after the war it began a profitable collaboration with a few prestigious architectsí studios for the interiors of properties in the capital, together with these it planned and created works for the contracting environment and for the cinema of the time.

:: Later, in the 70ís (2nd generation Ė Maurizio Mazzanti), the firm collaborated with the noted designer Willy Rizzo who designed a complete range of furnishing products; our firm began producing divans/sofas, armchairs and beds.

:: From the 90ís MF opened its business to include the field of luxury hotels (contract) and naval shipyards, though never forgetting its private clientele.


foto d'epoca di un lavoro realizzato negli anni '50... imbottiti personalizzati per imbarcazioni... lavoro su commissione per hotel di lusso... archivio modelli in legno per i nostri imbottiti...

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